jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Sewing / Cosiendo...

There is this sweet girl, works a lot cleaning houses, with tons of brothers and sisters.
Her sister had a baby last week, and she asked me if I could sew a diaper bag for her.
Of course I can! :D .... plus a portable mat for changing diapers with a kinda of oilcloth layer on top for easy cleaning, that a friend of mine says is awesomely useful :)
So, this is what I've been doing this whole weekend...
* The diaper bag has outside pockets, and 4 inner pockets.
She brought me the fabrics, hope her sister likes it!! :)

Hay una chica, muy dulce y jóven, que trabaja limpiando en las casas, y tiene un montón de hermanos. Una de sus hermanas tuvo un bebé la semana pasada, y ella me pidió si le podía coser un bolso. Je, claro que si!! Claro que no  pude con mi genio y le agregué un cambiador portable, que tiene PVC cristal encima así es fácil de limpiar, que según una amiga mia es GENIAL. Así que, esto es lo que estuve haciendo todo el fin de semana...
* El bolso tiene dos bolsillos externos, y 4 internos.

Ella me trajo las telas, espero que a su hermana le guste!!! :)

3 comentarios:

  1. What a wonderful project. And what a wonderful sister to think of giving this. Now she is una tia. Best wishes to the mom and new baby.

  2. I agree... this is a wonderful project made with a lot of love. I'm sure both sisters will enjoy it. Laura

  3. The set is adorable; and the changing pad really is very handy. I had one with my three oldest and really missed it when It wore out and I couldn't find one for my youngest.