sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

Sewing - new fabric collection!!

Sewing - fabric collection by Catru
Sewing - fabric collection, a photo by Catru on Flickr.
He terminado una nueva colección de telas a la venta solo en mi Spoonflower, tema: Costura!!! La he imaginado en patchwork, para covertores de máquinas de coser, cartucheras, delantales de costura, etc. :) Espero que os guste!!!! Justo a tiempo para Setiembre, el mes de la costura en USA :D

I've finished my new sewing collection of fabrics, available for sale only through my Spoonflower, I've thought of it for making sewing machine covers, aprons, patchwork and little bags and stuff for keeping sewing tools... I hope you all like it!!! Just in time for American Sewing month!!! :D

5 comentarios:

  1. Gracias guapa por pasarte por mi blog y dejarme ese bonito comentario. Me encanta tu nueva colección.
    Una fans tuya.

  2. Catru es una línea preciosa!!! me encanta ;)

  3. I love this fabric. A sewing machine cover is a great idea. I think I will have to buy it in my next spoonflower order. I am from Australia, so I only order from spoonflower when I can buy enough fabric to justify the postage costs (and also when I can save up enough money). You are a great designer.

  4. aw, thank you so much! lovely to hear you love it, it always makes me happy to hear such nice things :D