jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to America!

We don't have in my country a holiday like thanksgiving, such a shame. I love there is a holiday in North America for remembering how important is to be grateful.
I believe it helps making our mind aware of what it really matters in life.
To be thankful heals our soul, bound us together, brings smiles to us and warmth to our hearts. Such a wonderful and lovely feeling.
So, I will say today, that I'm thankful for quite a big list in my life, my family, all my dear friends, the fact that I have a lovely home, with food and hot water, computers and so on, a healthy body, and good humour.
But eventhough I could easily go on with that list... what I really wanna say here is that I'm thankful for all these lovely people I've met along this last year, from other countries, europeans, indians, and americans.
I love you all so much.
Some of you are like artsy friends, others are like fans (love to have fans!!! :D) I so love each one of you, makes me so happy we found each other.
So, to sum up, if you can read this in english, then I meant this for you :)

Happy Thanksgiving,
I'm grateful for having met you!!!!

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  1. Carina, Greetings from Kinston, North Carolina, USA. It was so nice to receive your Happy Thanksgiving wishes. I'm so grateful for having met you through Spoonflower and all the other online connections like your blog. So I’m also grateful for the internet which helps to connect the world’s people together. Have a wonderful day.