lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

Photos / Fotos

I really suggest you to visit these dear friends of mine (photographers) I love them and their works.
So, here I'll give you their online stores to go and check :)

Realmente les sugiero que visiten estos fotógrafos amigos mios, tienen unos trabajos hermosos ♥, aquí les pasos sus tiendas online :)

RDelean Designs - She has lovely country style pictures, I can see them specially for home décor on holidays houses for example ♥

Anthony M. Davis - He has a deep sense of life in his shots, some are beyond beauty for me, and he has an amazing way of doing infrared images too.

Mark Giarrusso - He has terrific shots in black and white specially for corporative places, and some colour landscapes that are to die for :)

Dick Wood - He has such elegants shots, I love the way he works ♥

Biff Rendar  - I like his pictures too! ♥

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