About Me

I'm Carina Povarchik (also known as Catru), a Fine Artist and Children Illustrator living in San Rafael, a small town that produces export quality wine, in Argentina.

I illustrate children books. First one was Shimmer - Songs of Night, written by the award winning poet Raven Howell, and published by Clear Fork Publishing, it's release date is October 17th, 2017.

The second one being finished, it's called My Bigger Than An Elephant Secret, written by Kelly Johnstone, and it will be released in March 2018. So, I will be twitting news in the future.

I love many mediums to work. Acrylics, watercolours, pencil for Portrait drawing. And then for Children Illustration I work digitally most of the time. I also love sculpting miniatures and small size dolls. I have a passion for creative things deep in my core.

I have a prior background in Computer Science, being graduated from a small career on that first. And I've been taking private lessons on Academic Portrait drawing for a few years now.
So, in Arts I'm pretty much myself, except that learning to draw portraits with my mentor in visual arts has meant the world to me, and really a huge difference in my skills.

I currently teach about computers at college, also teach art lessons to a small group of kids privately, and work as an illustrator most of the time.

Warning! :DI'm not very active in this blog, so if you want to be up to date with me, follow me on Twitter, or Instagram or even head to my website catruillustration.com

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  1. Hi Catru -:)
    I cannot find an email for you

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    thank you


  2. Buenos dias:
    Soy una chica de Barcelona, y me ha gustado mucho tus videos, y claro esta tu trabajo de dibujo. Me podrias recomendar un libro (en castellano) con el que aprendiste con este programa?
    Muchas gracias

    1. Laia, buen día! :)

      gracias :D ♥
      Mira, no sabría decirte de un libro, yo no he usado ninguno.

      He aprendido todo mirando el programa, y buscando cómo hacer tal o cual cosa en Internet, hay muchos tutoriales en Internet.
      Tampoco es que de no saber nada del ordenador aprendí todo con Internet, yo ya me dedicaba de antes a dar clases de programación y demás, así que estoy familiarizada mucho con el ordenador.

      Sé que hay pocos libros sobre diseño textil digital, bastante nuevos, y que dicen están muy buenos, pero yo no tengo ninguno.

      En fin... lamento no ser de ayuda :(

    2. Que programa utilizas? El Ilustrator. Yo esque toque un poco de FreeHand (hace medio siglo, jajaja) y ahora con el Corel, pero cosas muy basicas.

    3. Si, el Illustrator :)
      El Freehand lo usé un tiempo al principio, pero no es lo que yo necesitaba para mi estilo.
      El Corel lo usé y dí clases pero hace MUCHO tiempo, y antes de conocer Illustrator.
      Cuando encontré Ilustrator, dejé todos los demás, me parece el mejor :)