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Ally Coxon said:
Carina, you are so sweet and talented.. your artwork always puts a smile on my face with it's whimsical charm xx

I love your work, allways puts a smile on my face!

Dale Keys said:
You and your art are one and the same-full of sweetness and joy.

Very cool blog Carina!!
Beautiful portfolio!! xx

I cannot look at your characters without smiling.

It make me feel good inside : )

all your work is adorable, heart warming and well crafted. keep on going!

Whimsy and joy can be hard to pull off in art. Carina, you pull it off perfectly! Your art always makes me smile!

Don't fool yourself,...we are all jealous of your work and basically hate you, but saying nice things only to make you feel comfortable with your current artistic level, and kill your ambition to progress!!!...Damn it, did I say that out loud!?? :O

:D :D

Carina, You have a true and natural artistic ability, your pieces bring happiness and joy to a lot of people! Sometimes, I think that you may be even committed to helping others with their art as opposed to yourself, a sign of an honestly caring artist!

I adore your artwork, and as I've said before, I want to illustrate and write a children's book with you!

RDelean said:
Your work is as sweet as you are. It's pure goodness and warms my heart. ♥

You create from your heart, which is so big and so full, so each work of art is beaming with pure joy and love!

Carina is not only a talented artist with a distinctive style, but also an amazing colleague, who constantly supports fellow artists and is always willing to help.

Her colorful artwork brings joy and memories from our childhood. It's impossible not to smile when you see Catru's illustrations!

whimsical, almost child-like ~ filled with joy and happiness and screaming CARINA ~ totally you ~ and the world would be a sadder place without it :)

Carina's art reflects her happy soul and exuberance for life! She touches all those around her with kindness and joy. She is a gift to us all. ♥

I heart Shawn's comment :)

If I ever saw "art from the heart" this is it! I adore your work Carina! It's happy, fun and full of life. Just like I think of you!

Carina, your artwork is unique and very charming. It puts a smile on my face when I see it. :-)

Megstuff said:
Your art is like sunshine! It brightens my day and makes me smile.
: ) . . . see?

I love your style, Carina! It always makes me smile and makes me feel young. I also appreciate how supportive you are for your fellow artists, so generous and encouraging! xoxo


I adore your work. Your art is beautiful and it always makes me smile. You have a style that is both unique and charming.

♕ VIAINA said:
Very insightful, individual and lovingly decorated ART by a great illustration talent! ♥

Ornaart said:
You create bright and happy illustrated worlds, with your unique touch! :)

Belle13 said:
Dear Carina, your art is dreamy, sensible, fragile, innocent, joyful, happy, unique... You create a perfect world to live in!

Your creations always bring a smile to my face! So wonderful and whimsical! Always a pleasure to see your art!! =)

You're a cutie...just like all your art pieces!! ♥♥

Vargamari said:
All was told, I agree with ALL, I can only say: ♥♥♥ you and your works! :)

Wonderful! Carina, your artwork is whimsical, charming and sweet. There is always a little surprise within it that gives me a smile. I love the muted colors you use. Often, they seem to say, "the story is in the picture, not so much the coloration." Yet, the colors do tell a story of their own. Your fabric designs are very professional and similar to your art, they are full of fun!

Dear Carina, your art is reflecting truly refreshing soulfulness, your characters are so sweet and every heartful created detail is radiating love and joy. Your fine colour palette is carefully chosen and underlines the gentle feel of your characters so well. I feel happy when I look at your work :-) Keep on rocking!!! ♥

Your art is delightful Carina, and it truly reflects your generous and cheerful personality! ♥♥♥

Sweet Carina,

I feel like your Art brings me to my sweetest Child Dreams Where The world was so Perfect and Innocent and you make it so True and Present!! :)
Your Unique Art is Truly Inspiring and Joyful!!!
Love your Stunning Simplicity... How you transpose the reality, and your visions through your work (elements, houses, colors,..)... It's a pleasure to enter in your universe!!
I think you subtly Teach through Your art!!!
I feel Good Vibes and your Big Love on the art process!!!

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  1. Your art, Carina, is filled with happiness and optimism and love, and so reflects your inner you!! You share your joy of life freely with others through your art!! I would call it "happy art"!! ❤❤

  2. Very insightful, individual and lovingly decorated ART by a great illustration talent! ♥